Aunt Cass Meme from Big Hero 6 explanation: Disney character over Twitter

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One meme in particular always sticks out when it comes to humorous memes: the Aunt Cass meme. This meme, which frequently makes fun of circumstances, is based on a character from the well-known television program “Full House.”

Big Hero 6 is an animated superhero movie that Disney released in 2014. It was based on the same-titled Marvel comic book. It tells the tale of young Hiro Hamada, who is fascinated by robotics and the robot Baymax.

Seven years later, a character from the movie is becoming very popular on Twitter. This is the reason behind the internet’s obsession with Aunt Cass.

Aunt Cass: who is she?

A made-up character named Aunt Cass makes an appearance in the 2014 Disney picture Big Hero 6. She is the aunt of bakery and coffee business owners Hiro and Tadashi Hamada in San Francisco. Famous American actress Maya Rudolph voices the role. Cass is a popular meme online despite having little screen time.

Why Aunt Cass is a popular meme on Twitter?

Why is everyone so enamored with Aunt Cass on the internet, and has she become a Twitter meme? They all began, though, when an altered photo of Aunt Cass’s enormous breasts began to circulate on Reddit.

Everyone recognised her from the photo, and internet users praised the cartoon woman’s beauty. Many consider her beautiful with her emerald eyes and short brown hair.

“Literally re-watched Big Hero 6 because of Aunt Cass memes,” one user tweeted. Can attest that  she’s gorgeous in either case.

Another said, “I have a major crush on Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6.”

She’s just turned into a meme due to her good looks, and pictures of her are all over social media right now.

Here’s how to watch Big Hero 6 if you want to after seeing the Aunt Cass memes that have been all over Twitter.

The Disney film is only available on some of your typical streaming platforms if you live in the UK. Sky, Amazon Prime, and Netflix don’t have it. Where can you see it? Only Disney+ subscribers can watch the film. New customers can get a seven-day free trial before paying £7.99 per month.

PewDiePie responds hilariously to the popular Aunt Cass meme, saying, “It was all a lie.”

YouTuber PewDiePie recently explored the Aunt Cass meme in his Meme Review show. When he discovered the image was edited, he felt misled.

The aunt of Hiro and Tadashi in Disney’s 2014 animated picture Big Hero 6 is named Aunt Cass. Aunt Cass doesn’t have a major part in the film, but she has lately become popular as a meme. Aunt Cass appeared more wealthy thanks to retouching in the meme that PewDiePie analyzed.

When PewDiepie saw the altered version of Aunt Cass, he didn’t recognize the picture and was perplexed. He chose to look for the scenario out of curiosity, even if it wasn’t there. This is what he said:

This still picture is from the film Big Hero 6, which I have seen, but I don’t recall seeing “Bobus.” I’ll be back immediately, guys. I just realized that I need to watch Big Hero 6.

Upon his return, PewDiePie exclaimed, “It was all a lie!”

PewDiePie went through a lot of memes with Aunt Cass after feeling deceived by the photoshop. PewDiePie suggests an Aunt Cass meme, which was probably inspired by a moment from “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”

In fact, the meme that PewDiePie discovered appears in another Disney animated film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. The film has a sequence in which Ralph, the lead character, discovers a pop-up.

“Sassy Housewives who want to meet you!” is what the pop-up says.

There’s also an Aunt Cass photo in the pop-up. What fans and PewDiePie himself want to know is whether this was Disney’s intention or just a coincidence. Regarding the meme’s popularity, nobody at the studio has mentioned it.

Does Cass become wicked?

Observing Cassandra’s character growth over Season 3 is fascinating.  She starts little then grows darker as she sees Gothel depart Rapunzel. She does redeem herself and turn around. This development is intriguing, and Cassandra’s character growth in the coming seasons will be intriguing.

Aiko Miyazaki is Honey’s actual name. She was Japanese in the original comic series, as her real name suggests, but her ethnicity was changed to Latina in the film adaptation.

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Last Remarks

The meme known as “Aunt Cass” first appeared online in the early 2000s. It usually has an image of an elderly woman with the words “Aunt Cass, can you lend me $5?” written beneath it. The meme is frequently used to mock the reality that a lot of individuals are hesitant to ask their relatives for money.

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