The 5 Best Games Like Age of War in the World

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Games Like Age of War

How does Age of War’s gameplay work?

The goal of the strategy game Age of War is to lead your people through several centuries while protecting your bases from raids and demolishing the enemy base. Planning, resource management, and tactics are needed.

You must complete missions to move through the five ages. These include the Space Age, Medieval Age, Future, and Prehistoric Age. Gold from task completion unlocks new units, structures, and enhancements.

Gathering, constructing, and defending your base are your first tasks as a primitive tribe.

To go on to the next age, your ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent’s base.

In addition, Age of War offers unique skills and assaults, such as airstrikes and the dispatching of a hero unit, that aid the player in defeating the adversary.

As you age, the game grows more complex and more enjoyable. We’ll explore these and other intriguing games here. Other games like Age of War play.

Which Games like Age of War Are the Best?

The following are the top choices to consider if you’re seeking games like Age of War:

Age of Empires II

Age of Empires is one of the best Age of War imitations because they share a genre and methods.

You must guide a civilization from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in this browser-based game like Age of War.

Age of Empires II is the most famous game in the Age of Empires series, but Age of Empires IV and others have multiplayer.

The civilization in this game begins with a few inhabitants and a town centre. To protect your base and launch attacks on your adversaries, you must gather resources, construct buildings, and assemble armies.

There are a few inhabitants and a city centre at the beginning of the civilization in this game. To defend your base and launch an offensive against your adversaries, you will need to gather resources, create structures, and assemble soldiers.

In this game, a city centre and a few villagers constitute the beginning of civilization. Then, in order to defend your base and defeat your adversaries, you’ll need to gather resources, develop structures, and assemble troops.

It is renowned for its intricate gameplay mechanics, challenging AI, and active multiplayer community. The superb game design of the current editions is likely to capture you even more.

Stick War

You’ll be taken to the planet of Inamorata in Stick War, where every country has a distinct offensive and defence plan.

As the newly appointed leader of the “Order” nation, you must invade the neighbouring countries and seize their technology and expertise.

States include Magikill, Speartons, SwordWrath, No Man’s, Ice Hills, Archidon, Westwind, and Pertland are all yours to conquer.

Select from a range of difficulty settings, including standard, complex, and mad, to test your endurance in the face of overwhelming odds.

As the name implies, the game characters are stick figures.

Clash of Clans

This Age of War-like smartphone game is addicting. Clash of Clans lets you develop a city by gathering resources, building structures, and recruiting soldiers. In this game, you’ll protect your community from invaders while conducting resource raids on nearby communities.

You can battle with the AI to advance through the levels in Clash of Clans’ single-player mode and earn rewards. You can battle other players’ villages in multiplayer mode, as well as repel attacks on your own.

Though it moves at a different speed, the game is just as strategic thinking heavy as Age of War. As the game develops, you can unlock more collections to build your community.

Customize your village in this graphically appealing, action-packed game.

Epic War 3

The Epic War series has had about five incarnations thus far. That being said, only the third instalment is included in our list of games that are comparable to Age of Ware.

The creator of Epic War 3 gives you the ability to “charge into battle once more” and take the initiative in attacking the opposing armies.

By maximizing your deck, you can use comets and other deadly attacks against your opponent’s army and castle.

The game rewards hacking and slashing with money and experience.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Battles: Kingdom, a free-to-play strategy game set in ancient China, focuses on armies, fighting, kingdom building, and resource management during the Three Kingdoms era.

The player must choose one of the twelve factions, each with its personality and starting position, to win. He must then manage soldiers, erect buildings, and gather resources in order to expand his base.

Character development is a significant element of this game. You will be able to assemble and train hero characters, each of whom has unique skills, to command armies in battle and influence the political atmosphere inside your faction.

In addition, the game features a rich and comprehensive environment with a range of locations, historical figures, and events from ancient China. It is so realistic and immersive that it even incorporates a seasonal system with weather changes.

The popular controls influenced, all in all, the gameplay of the game in ancient China. It isn’t easy and provides you with a rich universe to explore through a gaming format.

In summary

These games, such as Age of War, let you take out the oncoming threat one by one until the enemy base has been infiltrated and no one is left standing.

They are all composed of a blend of strategy and defence components, making them an excellent combo to utilize on your PC or any mobile device running iOS or Android.

So go ahead and deploy your forces in pursuit of the kill as you build turrets. Try your most complex and come back here with stories of your triumph.

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