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Top or bottom quiz

The LGBTQ+ community has recently coined the phrase “top or bottom quiz.” It refers to a test or set of inquiries intended to assist people to decide whether they want to play the dominating (top) or submissive (bottom) role during sexual activity.

The gay community in particular has found this quiz to be highly popular on social media sites, where users are encouraged to take it and share their answers with others.

What exactly do Top and Bottom mean?

These characteristics describe the dominant and submissive roles that people play in romantic relationships. The phrases expand the old realm even though they frequently use to define the responsibilities in Homosexual partnerships.

 A bottom person, on the other hand, prefers to give up power and be the recipient of acts, whereas the top person is frequently regarded as the provider or the one in charge. A guy or a girl is known as a switcher or a verse if they are willing to flip between these roles.

Which Category Best Describes You?

This test will reveal to which category you belong. In gay partnerships, there is a common misconception that the man is always at the top and the woman is at the bottom. This is untrue.

It’s important to note that while these expressions have romantic overtones, they also have an impact on other areas of a person’s life. Are those with strong personalities better suited for roles in administration, for instance? Or is the dominant conduct restricted to the bed? Read the descriptions of the tops, bottoms, and verses prior to completing the Are You a Top or Bottom quiz.

Why Top or Bottom Quiz is designed?

In the LGBTQ+ community, where members may identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, the top or bottom quiz is particularly created for them.

Some people could feel more at ease expressing their sexuality through the questionnaire since it offers a secure environment in which to do so.

People of all sexual orientations can take the questionnaire, therefore it’s crucial to keep in mind that sexual preferences are not exclusive to any one community or sexual orientation.

Can We Determine the Top or the Bottom Based on How They Appear?

Scientific studies from the Springer journal article and a Huffington Post show that individuals frequently misinterpret top and bottom positions when standard hetero relationship variables are taken into consideration.

This is to take into account that the forceful partner is the more macho and butch one. These roles, however, are more closely tied to what each individual has learned via relationships, the sensations one feels in one’s body, and one’s mental picture of oneself.

Be mindful that some individuals may find these phrases insulting, so refrain from inquiring about other people’s orientations. Especially, if the person you consider to be at the top is actually at the bottom and could be humiliated. Being top, bottom, or verse is therefore inherent.

Top Person

Top individuals are those who offer sexual contact and aspire to power and authority. Also and strive to seize control. Top male or female performers like taking the initiative than following crowds.

Bottom Person

In the connection, this person is the receiver. But, this does not imply that they are couch potatoes and inactive. It is essentially incorrect to believe such a misconception since the bottom may be both physically active and dominating.

In truth, he or she may be the one instructing the top. Therefore we can recognize them as persons who are looking for sensuality, pleasure, and independence.

The Switch individual

The switch person takes pleasure in both roles in a relationship. Because of their versatility, the term “verse” sometimes uses to refer to them. Any person being the top or bottom is not in a fixed position.

The easiest approach to interpret the findings of the “Am I a Switch quiz” is to think of them as a passing circumstance. Being the superior or the subordinate doesn’t really matter to The Switch. He looks for fun and adventure.

How does a switch appear? You can’t answer questions by simply seeing a person. They must either tell you the verse or perform it for you in order to recognize it.

Asking individuals these kinds of questions directly may be insulting or make them uncomfortable since they are intimate queries.

Other Responsibilities in Relationships

While discussing partnerships, a vast variety of roles and qualities are there in the quiz. The fact that every individual has a distinct collection of traits, which makes humans remarkable, is the bottom line. As a result, it is possible to combine the top, bottom, and verse (switch) attributes with additional traits like dominance or submission, among others.

The side is another style of conduct. The primary sexual act is not enjoyable to the side. Yet he appreciates fewer stressful conversations and wants to be more understated.

Wrap Up

A thrilling and entertaining approach for people to discover their sexual inclinations is the top or bottom quiz. Anyone of all sexual orientations is welcome to take the questionnaire, despite the fact that it is primarily intention for the LGBTQ+ community.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that sexual tastes are individual and there is no right or incorrect method to conduct the sexual activity. To guarantee a safe and satisfying encounter, it is crucial to pay attention to one’s wants and be transparent with sexual partners.

Almost Strength of Questions and Time of Quiz

There are 20 questions in this test that will help you comprehend your place in a relationship. Share the “Are I top, bottom, or switch quiz” with your friends after taking it. 

This quiz completes in almost 20 minutes.

What to Do in Quiz?

The process of taking personality tests is simple: Choose “Next” after deciding whether the statement is true for you or the situation you are in. There are no right or incorrect answers on personality tests, unlike trivia questions.

The format of the questions, however, is multiple-choice. Not the choice that is absolutely true, but the option that makes the most sense is the goal. Don’t overthink your comments for the most precise outcomes. Choose the alternatives you “feel” are best.

Some Questions of the Top or Bottom Quiz

Examples of quiz questions are provided below.                      


          You desire to have a date. Who is the car’s driver?

top or bottom quiz
  • You
  • Your partner
  • We walk together


         A stunning young woman is gazing at you while smiling. How do you behave?

top or bottom quiz
  • I ask her out
  • Wait for her to act first
  • It depends on my mood


           Would you rather kiss or be kissed?

top or bottom quiz
  • Kiss
  • Be kissed
  • Doesn’t matter (You can give the answers to these questions in your comment)

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