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The newprofilepicture.com app is an app that is built to make your social media look attractive. As it is well known, a profile picture should be attractive to your followers. Even if you are running a business then, it should be professional.

The newprofilepicture.com app is made for this purpose because it allows people to create, personalize or edit their profile picture according to their needs. They can use a variety of options that can make your pictures beautiful and catchy.

In my article, I am going to explain all about this wonderful app. I hope it will be a better guide for you Guys!

A quick Overview of the Newprofilepicture.com App

It is a very important thing to know first that, this app is developed by Informatics Laboratory, Inc. This agency already built other applications for users like Toonarts. The newprofilepicture.com app uses artificial intelligence to detect users’ pictures.

After this, it converts photos into a new type of picture that is called Eaftoo. Now, you are ready to upload your photo on social media platforms with more beauty.

Moreover, I would like to tell you that this application name is just a little different from the domain name the newprofilepicture.com. The correct name is used as the newprofilepicture.com app, which you can be searched in the Google Play store easily.

The trending of the newprofilepicture.com app depends upon the following factors.


It is popular due to its unique features that attract a large number of users. This can lead to word-of-mouth marketing and social media shares, which can boost its popularity even further.


This app is widely used in marketing campaigns. Due to this reason, it became viral and used a lot. Its features simply attract a large number of users for social network photo editing.

Novel Features:

The app contains new features with editing options. That makes this app different from all other apps. No complexity is in the use of the newprofilepicture.com app.

Updating System:

The developer of this app is always ready to introduce new updates for it. They introduce new features with the passage of time. You should update this app continuously if it is in use.

Must note that these are just a few of the possible reasons for an app’s popularity; there could be other factors at work as well.

Is the Newprofilepicture.com App secure?

This question is very important for any user. He must know its answer before downloading this app. According to social media news the website (newprofilepicture.com) of this app is registered in Moscow.

But most people say that it is registered in Russia or the Kremlin. The information of the app developer is given in the above lines and that is discovered by many trustworthy sources. So, you can search for the Laboratory on Google and I will suggest that this app is secure to use.

Linerock Investments have the copyright of this app. You can find more information from the Google play store when you will download this app.

One of the members of Linerock Investments has revealed that the website of the app is actually registered in Russia.

How a User may use the Newprofilepicture.com App?

It is very easy to download the newprofilepicture.com app Android from the Google play store. It is also present in iPhone’s app store if you are an iPhone user. After downloading and installing the app you can use it easily.

Now, I will write here about what to do next.

  • First, you have to choose a photo from your mobile or any device gallery and upload it.
  • When you have uploaded the picture then, adjust the filters and other effects.
  • Several filters are there in the app that can be applied including cartoony or artistic effects.
  • After applying the effects and filter, you can dismiss the screen.
  • Now, if you are satisfied with the results then save the edited photo.

This is the simple method to use this wonderful featured app. Then, you can use this picture for your social media networks.

The Benefits of Using the Newprofilepicture.com App

Your social media picture has a splendid effect on your social activities. When any person sees your profile then, he sees your photo at first. The person will get an idea about your personality after seeing your picture.

Actually, you are providing him information about yourself to decide good or any other feeling about you. That’s why picture quality matters a lot. So, for your high-quality picture, I recommend you visit the newprofilepicture.com or use the app.

Now we study the offers of the newprofilepicture.com app.

Simple to use interface:

When you will use the app, you will find a user-friendly and simple interface. You can navigate easily. No expertise is required to use the app. People who do not have technology awareness, can handle it easily.

A diverse set of editing tools:

This app provides a variety of editing tools for users to edit their profile pictures. You can rotate the images, and crop and resize them conveniently. The brightness contrast, color, and saturation options are awesome that can be adjusted easily.

Effects and Filters:

The newprofilepicture.com app is offering a variety of new filters and effects. These innovative filters and effects increase the picture quality when you edit using them. All the filter colors are introduced in options like white, black, orange, cyan, magenta, vintage, and more.

The effects are also attractive like vignettes, blur, and many more.

Stickers and Texts:

There is an option to add any text and sticker during the editing of a picture. Your name is added easily or you can add your signature. Moreover, you can add catchy stickers that will make your profile picture more strong and more attractive.

Customization Options:

The newprofilepicture.com app offers this wonderful feature that helps you to create a peculiar photo. This option allows you to optimize borders, frames, and the background of your photo.

Easy to Share on Social Media:

When you have created your picture then, it gives you an easy sharing button option on social networks like Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook, etc. There is also downloading option if you want to save your photo on your device.


The newprofilepicture.com app is overall a friendly website for the users. It gives many options of tools that you can use for editing to make your unique profile picture. Its interface is easy to use and customization options offer a well-framed and personalized photo.

This makes your photo everlasting beautiful and makes you confident for social media sharing. I think my words will guide you completely in the use of the newprofilepicture.com app. If you have any more questions in your mind then, you can comment!

Users can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create their own unique designs. They can also import photos from their camera roll or social media accounts to use as their profile picture. Overall, a profile picture app can be a fun and creative way for users to express themselves and make their online profiles stand out.

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