The Best B2B Marketing Automation Platforms and Tools

b2b marketing Automation Platforms

There are a lot of choices when a company starts to choose one platform for B2B marketing automation. Try to understand the differences between the manufacturing industry and tools that can be hard. Organically managing your company’s marketing efforts can be a sky-high task, meanwhile, with the help of marketing platforms, you can make the company’s marketing reputation better and overall success.

The experts have assembled a list of top-rated automation mixtures for companies to scrutinize.  

We are going to present one of the best picks for marketing campaigns. 

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms are Given Below:


You can consider Oracle as the Ferrari of B2B marketing automation. It is completely packed, gives extraordinary intensity for customer support, and falls for the same price. There are strong characteristics of this software and a prominence on customization. 

One of the good features is that it has AI-permitted capacities to rationalize the user data to obtain a comprehensive grip on the user’s end-to-end journey and make the campaign decisions better.  This tool provides a complete educational method for customers to get the master of nuts and bolts. 

Its price starts from $2,000 monthly, Free training is also available on the tool, and customers can enroll themselves in the free learning guidelines.

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Adobe Marketo Engage 

Marketo Engage is a feasibly well-known tool for a good reason. It’s one of the most mature tools with a full of features that not mere help marketers manage their email campaigns but also prove to supply amazing tools for marketing and sales teams. 

It has abilities to manage brand identities, grab the audience, and well-organized user experience. Additionally, It has access to content optimization. The price for this software is $895 monthly.

The main reason for choosing is its flexibility and is one of the best B2B marketing automation platforms. This tool is of your choice and will let you do what you want to do. Another attractive thing about this software is its quick customer support service and less-weight UI.

One specific quality we love about is its fabricate. 

It can take your automation marketing to another high level and make sure you get accurate email content for your users at the right time. If you want to boost your business to milestones then go with this software. It also offers a free trial for you and the price starts from $100 per month. 


The pros and cons of using HubSpot are alike and one. The system doesn’t deal with a huge or do everything but it does a few one stuff, It explains itself as an “Inflowing Marketing Software” which means it has a vast variety of tools and one of them is marketing automation. 

With the help of Hubspot, companies can take advantage of the SaaS platform to grab the public, transform the audience into customers, and build inbound campaigns. It has enough capacity to manage content, landing pages, revenue-assigned reports, sales, engagement activity, and much more. It is free of cost. 

Salesforce Exact Target 

Commonly famous for exact target or SalesForce Pardot, can directly merge with its CRM system to tackle all obtainable data and can use it to line up sales and marketing struggles. It can help in generating leads and maintaining engagement. 

One amazing thing that attracts the attention of visitors is its system’s faculty to pick out communications far and near several channels. The majority of the automation marketing tools especially focus on emails but it beats them by providing mobile app notifications as targets. 

Powerful Campaigns 

The reason why we love active campaigns is their commitment to helping the different brands create the best-selling user experience. 

According to them, “Customer satisfaction is our prime objective”. 

The Main motive of this software is to improve every outlook of the user experience and make the marketing team’s lives easy. 

Additionally, your sales team has to go for an outdoor activity to promote your product while an active campaign doesn’t need all these requirements to increase your leads and sales. Its prices start from $49 per month.


This is an all-in-one classic software that backs sales leads, a support system, and the vital role of marketing. 

If you pasture their tincture, you’ll rapidly get to know how much stronger this software is. 

Examples are mentioned below:

  • Auto fast replies
  • Email series 
  • A large number of emails from dealer
  • Promote your products on interest-based
  • Messaging handling 

The price of this software starts at $144 each month.

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