Are You Familiar with Hazel Krasinski and Her Family?

hazel krasinski
hazel krasinski

Hazel Krasinski is Emily and John Krasinski’s first daughter child. Both are very busy in their acting world. But in their busy schedule, they always try to manage their family. Hazel Krasinski has also a sister and her name is Violet Krasinski.

Both parents love their children and spend their time with their daughters for fun. I will discuss here some unknown facts about Hazel Krasinski and her family in detail.

When Hazel was born?

She was born in California. Her date of birth is February 16, 2014. Hazel was born under the Aquarius sign. In the Twitter post, her parents wrote that they were expecting their first baby in September 2013.

Now, Hazel Krasinski is a nine-year-old girl. After her birth, Hazel’s parents gave birth to another child baby girl named Violet Krasinski.

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When and where did Hazel’s Parents meet?

John Krasinski met her wife Emily Bunt in November 2008. Emily Blunt is being an English actress who fell in love with John. In August 2009, both announced their engagement and tied their self to a long-lasting relationship.

Then, the engagement was practically performed on July 10, 2010, at the former house of George Clooney in Como, Italy.

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Is Hazel Krasinski Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

It is wondering information about Hazel Krasinski that, she is deaf. People wonder about her listening ability and know about hard hearing of Hazel. After deaf American actor Millicent Simmonds played Hazel in A Quiet Place, speculation began that she was deaf.

Millicent’s unintentional drug overdose reportedly resulted in her permanent loss of hearing when she was only a few months old.

How Blunt and Krasinski Raise Their Children

John and Emily are open to say about how they are raising their daughters. Emily Blunt revealed that she wanted their children to be unaware of their parents’ celebrity and that Hazel only discovered their celebrity that same year.

Emily Blunt also told Marie Claire that, she as a mother raises her children with a deep feeling of love for her kids. She revealed her emotions by saying:

“I teach my children to be empathetic and to accept differences without being afraid of them or making fun of others for them, you know?”

Overall, the whole family is humans loving. Especially, Hazel Krasinski and her sister are very kind to humanity. During the pandemic both young ones all their money earned designing t-shirts gave to charity.

Meet Violet Krasinski, Hazel Krasinski’s Younger Sister

Violet was born in June 2016, when her father announced happily on social media. He and his wife Emily were very happy at this moment. John tweeted emotionally by writing a touchy message about the birth announcement of Violet.

The name of the young girl looks old lady’s name. But Hazel Krasinski and her sister’s mother Emily Blunt is happy for her name. Emily says that she doesn’t impress easily and Blunt says Violet refuses to watch her movie “Mary Poppins Returns” because her mother is in it.

Her Father John February 2018, expressed on a show named “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that Hazel Krasinski’s sister is interested in music and can sing in a low octave.

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Hazel Krasinski’s Dad John Krasinski

John Krasinski, the father of Hazel Krasinski, is a writer, American actor, and director. He is famous for a role named Jim Halpert in a series of television “The Office.” Due to this role, John became popular in America. It consisted of nine seasons.

Her fame is also due to some popular movies like “A Quiet Place” (He was a director), “13 Hours,” and “The Hollars.”

John received many awards and honors that include and two Screen Actors Guild Awards four Primetime Emmy Award nominations. His famous films are given below:

  • License to Wed (2007)
  • Leatherheads (2008
  • Away We Go (2009)
  • It’s Complicated (2009)
  • Something Borrowed (2011)
  • Big Miracle (2012)
  • Promised Land (2012)
  • Aloha (2015), and 13 Hours
  • The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

His popular movie A Quiet Place which was a horror movie, make him famous. He got many awards in 2018 due to his producer ship and directorship in this movie.

A Quiet Place, a horror film he co-wrote, directed, and starred in, received numerous awards in 2018. That same year, he was cast as Jack Ryan in the Amazon original series of the same name, which he also executive produces.

This performance earned him a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series from the Screen Actors Guild.

Hazel Krasinski’s Mother Emily Blunt                         

Emily Blunt is the mother of Hazel and Violet. She has a busy schedule but she never ignored her family’s importance. John is a good actor, and her wife is also a famous English actress.

She is nominated for three British Academy Film Awards and also won Golden Globe and one Screen Actors Guild Award. According to Forbes Emily is a highly-paid actress from 2020.

The first time she played a role in a production of The Royal Family was in 2001. After it, Blunt played Queen Catherine Howard in the miniseries Henry VIII and starred in the TV film Boudica (2003).

But her first full-length film drama was My Summer of Love launched in 2004. Then in 2006, she played well in the comedic drama The Devil Wears Prada and the television film Gideon’s Daughter. These roles did not give her fame as she thought.

Hazel Krasinski’s Mother’s Successful Career

Her popularity was boosted by the historical drama The Young Victoria (2009), the romantic comedy Salmon Fishing in Yemen (2011), and the science fiction film The Adjustment Bureau (2011). She also played the best role in Looper (2012), and Edge of Tomorrow (2014).

Similarly, played a splendid role in The musical comedies Into the Woods (2014) and Mary Poppins Returns (2018), and many more.

She won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress. Because she played the role in the movie A Quiet Place in 2018. She performed with her husband in this movie. Initially, she was not ready for this movie. But when Emily read the script of the film then she agreed to play a role.

She appeared in both the sequel A Quiet Place Part II and the action film ‘Jungle Cruise’ in 2021.

The net worth of Hazel Krasinski’s Mother    

The famous English actress Emily Blunt has a net worth of almost $35 million. In August 2015, she got her American nationality and citizenship oath. Emily has twice American citizenship and she claimed to reduce her tax liability.

Blunt completed his naturalization process and was given the American citizenship oath in August 2015. She obtained American citizenship twice, claiming it reduced her tax liability. She has admitted that the prospect of switching her allegiance from the United Kingdom to any other country bothers her.        

The net worth of the Father of Hazel Krasinski

The net worth of John Krasinski is around about $80 million. Their greater amount of net worth of John than her wife is due to his directorship and producer ship.

Wrap Up

Hazel Krasinski is the daughter of Hollywood couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. She has one sister named violet. Hazel was born in California as the first child of a lovely couple. Hazel Krasinski and Voilet’s parents are successful actors and have played roles in many popular movies.

They also have won several film awards for their acting. They are also raising their children in a good way. Hazel and her sister also gain the attention of her parents due to their loving relationship with their parents.

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