Successful Young Entrepreneurs in India 2023

Young Entrepreneurs

India has historically been a center for entrepreneurship, with many young Indian business people showcasing their talent and potential. There are increasingly more young entrepreneurs in India, many of whom are well-known locally and abroad. According to the Economic Survey Report 2022–2023, there were 452 startups in India in 2016 and 84,012 in 2022.

The top young business people in India, their histories, and their contributions to the business sector will all be covered in this article.

Indian young entrepreneurs’ success stories

Here are just a few of India’s young business people who are making a difference. These young entrepreneurs have launched their companies and are working arduously to make them succeed.

Although they come from various backgrounds, they all have one thing in common: a strong desire to succeed.

We hope they have success in all of their future pursuits! We hope reading about their experiences has motivated you to achieve your goals and improve the world!

Sreelakshmi Suresh 

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Sreelakshmi Suresh, a young female Indian entrepreneur, is well known for her work in online education. She founded eDesign Technologies, which provides training in digital trades, including web design and software development. 

Suresh established the company when she was just 19 years old and has since trained thousands of students in India and other countries. After realizing the need for efficient, practical instruction in digital skills, she became interested in creating her firm. Suresh wanted to give kids the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the digital age. 

She not only started TinyLogo but also eDesign. Her company assists well-known companies with web design, SEO, and other services. She has been recognized for her innovative teaching methods with awards, including the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement and the Kerala Government’s Youth Icon Award.

Tilak Mehta

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One of the young Indian entrepreneurs who demonstrated that there is no upper age limit for creativity and business is Tilak Mehta. It is all it takes to be curious to do something unusual to make a difference. 

The little child is the inventor of the Mumbai-based app-based courier firm “Papers n Parcels,” a digital courier business that works with the Mumbai Dabbawalas to provide one-day delivery services. His goal in creating this courier business was to guarantee cheaper same-day delivery of items to thousands of consumers in the Mumbai area.

Papers N Parcels provides door-to-door pickup and delivery services for almost everything from a pen to all your crucial documentation. It delivers over 1200 parcels to their destinations every day, all on the same day. 

Every typical young person, according to Tilak, “those who are curious enough to know why? When? and what? Anyone and anything can start their own business. Despite the overwhelming obstacles in our way, what counts is that we keep going forward.

Utkarsh Kawatra

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The CEO and co-founder of myHQ, an Indian firm that provides inexpensive co-working spaces, is Utkarsh Kawatra. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with a master’s in technology. He founded my HQ in 2016 and oversaw the company’s general strategy and expansion. MyHQ has received funding from reputable investors. His entrepreneurial path and outlook on the future of workspaces in India have been published in several media outlets. 

Utkarsh is a young, entrepreneurial visionary from India who is dedicated to giving small businesses, freelancers, and startups access to co-working facilities that are both affordable and attractive. MyHQ has a presence across all of India under his direction. 

Abhay Hanjura

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The creator of Licious, a well-known online retailer of high-quality poultry and beef in India, is Abhay Hanjura, Young Indian entrepreneur Abhay. To make it simpler for individuals to purchase high-quality beef products, he founded the business in 2015.

Hanjura was motivated to create Licious when he saw his mother’s challenges when looking for fresh chicken in her hometown.

He intended to build a system to facilitate people’s access to high-quality beef products. Licious today has over 200 employees and operates in 11 locations throughout India.

The Economic Times and Business Insider are just two newspapers highlighting the business.

Trishneet Arora 

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Trishneet Arora is a young entrepreneur from India who also does ethical hacking. He started TAC Security, a business that aids in the detection and prevention of cybercrime, and he currently serves as its CEO. 

Trishneet learned the craft of ethical hacking after quitting school as a youngster, and she even wrote a book about it titled “The Hacking Era.” The Punjab police then asked him to deliver a training session on cybercrime forensics and investigation after he had already begun working on cybercrime cases for the Indian police. 

He is a self-made businessman who started by taking on small things like operating systems and computer repairs. The businesses that Trishneet’s company presently serves include Bharti Airtel, HDFC, National Payments Corporation of India, DHFL Pramerica, Reliance Industries, and many more.

Divya Gandotra 

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Following her success as a YouTuber, Divya started working in business. She was eager to learn more about the newest and most popular technologies. She began uploading unpacking and review videos to her YouTube channel to aid clients in understanding the products they were purchasing. 

She started TheScoopBeats, a journalism and media company, after realizing she could do more to give her audience factual information. On social media, she has more than 90,000 followers of various ages. She is a legitimate influencer with over 20,000 Instagram followers right now.

François Acidwalla

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At 16, Farrhad Acidwalla borrowed 500 rupees from his father to launch his business. As a young entrepreneur, he acquired a web domain and launched a website. Farrhad created a web community specifically for aero-modeling and aviation.

The founder and CEO of both Rockstar Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL, a media company that develops websites, is Farrhad Acidwalla. Both businesses offer various services, including marketing, branding, web creation, optimization, and advertising. Farrhad collaborates with major corporations and media figures worldwide.

He built a network at 13 with under $1,200 in his account. His name is currently listed among successful businesspeople. At 17, he entered the hall of fame and began appearing on Cable News Network (CNN) meetings and syndicated programs.

Farrhad Acidwalla is one of the most valued young entrepreneurs in the digital space because of his development as a top-tier TEDx speaker. One of the best digital entrepreneurs is known as Acidwalla. He was the youngest guest lecturer at the annual Entrepreneurial Summit at IIT Kharagpur. Inspiring and motivating videos are posted on a channel owned by the creator and CEO of Rockstar Media and CYBERNETIV DIGITAL.

Akhil Sahu

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At the age of 17, Sahu launched his own company. Like most adolescents his age, he knew little about the business world. Nevertheless, he had a desire to learn and the desire to create his own company. Initially, he worked as a freelancer to gain expertise and market knowledge. At the time, Sahu faced many difficulties and was frequently characterized as too young and insane to have such ambitious goals.

On the other hand, he was never disturbed by these conflicts. To get to where he is now, he toiled long and hard. He was able to succeed in life thanks to his perseverance and patience. Akhilendra Sahu holds the title of “World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur.”

Lenskart founder Peyush Bansal

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The creator of the Indian online eyewear store Lenskart is Peyush Bansal. Since its founding in 2010, the business has successfully offered customers high-quality eyewear at competitive pricing in India.

Bansal began his first firm at the age of 22 since he has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. He is among India’s most prosperous young businesspeople and was included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Over 500,000 people shop for glasses on Lenskart, India’s largest online retailer. The corporation also operates physical storefronts in several of the nation’s largest cities.

Many young Indian entrepreneurs who want to change the world find inspiration in Bansal’s success story. He has demonstrated that creating a prosperous company in India is feasible while improving the populace’s lives.

Anisha Singh

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Anisha Singh is no stranger to riding the roller coaster; before obtaining her current success, she experienced many ups and downs in life. She is the CEO and co-founder of Mydala, the most significant deals platform in India.

Anisha’s arduous journey began when she was assisting entrepreneurs on Capitol Hill. She later worked as an e-learning ecosystem designer for a Boston-based software startup. Anisha Singh is renowned for her outspoken support of campaigns and causes for women. She expresses herself clearly and resists giving way to fear.  

In India, Anisha is from New Delhi. She attended American University in Washington, DC, earning her master’s in political communication before pursuing an MBA in information systems. One of India’s most successful businesswomen is Anisha Singh. She also served as a judge for the entrepreneurship-focused reality competition MTV Dropout in India.

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